Austerman & Associates, LLC.

"What we do revolves around you" 

Austerman & Associates, LLC has over 32 years of manufacturing and re-tube experience. We understand the needs of the industry. 
With our knowledge and understanding, we can help you find and implement the tools which will enable you to control cost, while providing unmatched quality and productivity. 
We offer solutions for a wide range of preparatory applications, these include, but are not limited to:
  • Beveling
  • Counter Boring
  • Facing
  • Overlay/Cladding Removal
  • Tube Expanding
  • Tube Removal
  • Tube and Pipe Cutting 
  • Custom tooling for special applications
As well as tube and pipe cleaning products. 

We offer onsite demonstrations of our tooling as well.


If you are interested in a supplier who offers more than just equipment, please allow us to earn your business. 
We are ready to provide you with the absolute highest quality tube and pipe manufacturing tooling available, 
allowing you to be successful.